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Carrement Beau Kids Clothing 

Carrement Beau is renowned for designing some of the cutest kids clothing for the little hommes and femmes out there. Inspired by Parisian elegance, Carrement Beau design garments that are absolutely adorable for boys and girls. From charming twill ties to stylish knitted jackets and spotted dresses, the collection at Petit et Grand is extensive and varied. 

The team at Petit et Grand believe in only supplying the highest quality kids clothing and are proud to present this French label to families in Melbourne and throughout Australia. Feel free to browse the collection and get in contact with the team at Petit et Grand if you have any questions about this fantastic designer label. 

About Carrement Beau Kids Clothing 

Direct from France, Carrement Beau place an emphasis on bringing kids up in the world in comfort and refinement. Elegant and sophisticated, the styles, patterns and colours of Carrement Beau clothing are vibrant and unique. From delicate floral arrangements for petites filles and stylish stitching for petites garcons, we’re sure you will find an item that you will love and your little one will adore

Petit et Grand has a dedicated passion for providing only the highest quality labels for Australian families. The labels we stock use superior quality material as well as well thought-out design for their pieces, and the same goes for the wonderful Carrement Beau. From newborns to toddlers, clothing, accessories and toys – the quality of the product at Petit et Grand is never falters. 

Find Out More from Our Friendly Team 

Have a question about a particular Carrement Beau piece? Or have an enquiry about any of the other quality products available at Petit et Grand? Don’t hesitate to ask – we are committed to providing the highest standard of customer service for the mums and dads of Melbourne and Australia. 

Feel free to give us a call on (03) 9815 0303 or of course, pop into our Glenferrie Road store, we’ll; be happy to have a chat with you so that you can find the perfect item for your little guy or girl.